Random Portraits Wall Drawing

random grab

Random grab displays sets of five randomly selected fortunes, replicating the happenstance way fortunes are delivered to diners.


Authored sets of fortunes create descriptions of individuals (artist, writer) or explore personal qualities (emotionally driven, neurotic overachiever).

wall drawing:
"subject you, object you, without you"

A 24-foot long hand drawn diagram "ports" data from the website directly onto a wall, graphing objective and subjective readings simultaneously.
Collocator Narratives Audio CD

visual collocator

The visual collocator links words from fortunes that contain a given target word into an intricate visual web.


Fortunes are ordered to create narrative sequences and stories (olympic dreams, falling in love).

audio CD

A selection of 99 (lucky Chinese number) favorite fortunes are recorded by the artist. The result is a spoken prose-poem that allows listeners to experience the fortunes from a new temporal perspective.