Word or phrase in fortune:
a ability able about absent accept accompany accomplice accomplish achieve acknowledged action active adapt admired admirer adopt advanced advantage adventure adventures advice affairs after age ages agrees ahead alert all almost always ambitions among amply an analytical and another answer any anything appeals appear appreciation arduous are areas arise arms arrangements art artistic arts as ask assigned assume assured at attachments attend attention attract attracted attracts avert avoid awaits awarded away back backlash balance be beauty beckoning become becomes been before begin being believe best better between beyond biggest bitter bitterness blessed bold book born both brave break bring broad broken brought bundle burden bushel business but by bypass called calm calmly can capacity care career careful cares cautious center certain certainty chance chances change changed character charm charming cheerful choose chosen clarity clear climate closely closer clothes clouds co-workers coffee come comes coming command competitive complete completely concerned confidence confident confused conquer conservative consideration constantly constitution contemplating contemplative cookies cool counsellor courage course courtesy create creative creativity credit crisis crossing culture cultured customs dashing day days deal dearest deceptive decisions deeds deep definitely delay demonstrate demonstrative depart desert desire desires destiny determination development devout different difficult diplomatic direct direction disappointed discover discussion display diverse diversity do does don't done door down drawn dreams dress due effort efforts egypt either emotions encounter end ended energy enjoy enjoyment enough entertaining even events every everybody everyone everything excess excitement exciting exotic expand expect expects experience extra extravagant fade far fate fatigue fault favorably fearless feelings feels feet few fill filled finally financial find finding fine finish firm first flatter flexible flirt follow for foresight forever forgotten forms fortunate fortune fortunes forward foundation friend friendly friends friendship from front full future gains gambling gathering gatherings generous genius get getting give go goals god goes going gold good grace gradual granted gratitude great greater greatness ground group's hands happier happiness happy hard hardship hardships has hasty hates have having he heading healers heals health hear heart heaven heavy heights help helps hesitate hidden higher him hindsight his hold home honest honor honorable honored hopes horses hospitable how humor hunters i ideals ideas if ignore imagination immediate important impose improvement in inherit insight insights instincts intellect intentions interest into intrigue investment involved involving iron is it its itself join journey journeys joy judge judgment juggle just keen keep kind-hearted kindness kiss knock know knowledge known knows land large last lawyer lead leads learn let letter lies life life's lifetime lifted light like likely likes line little logical lonely long longevity lose love lover loves loving luck lucky made magnetic mail make makes making man manner many master may mean medicine medium meeting memories men mentality mentor message mind minded misunderstanding moderate modesty modify money month more most much music must natural nature near need needed never new news next night no not nothing now object obstacles of off often okay old on one oneself only open opportunities or ordinary original others our out outstanding overcome overshadow participating parties party pass past path patience patient pay paying peace peaceful people perfection person personal personality perspective petty phone physical physician piece pieces place places planning plans pleasant pleasure poet point poise positive possess possible powers practical preparation prepared present presented prevail priceless principles problems professional profit profitable profound progress promotion prompts prophet proportions proposition prospect prosperity protect protection proud provider pull pure put pyramids qualities quick quickly rain rare rational re-decorating reach reaching read ready receive recognized reconcile refinement reigns rejoice relationships release reputation respect result resurface return returns reward rewarded rewarding rewards rich riches right road role romantic routine said salvage say scene scenic scrap searching second secret secretly secure see seek self self-love selfish send sense sensitivity separates serious serve set shall shaping sharp she shield shines shining should show showered showing silently simplicity sincere sing singled sits sitting situation situations sixth skills small smile smiling smooth sociable social socially society some someday someone something sometimes somewhere soon sorts sought soul speak speaking special spirit sports staging stale star staring start started stop store straight strange strictly strong struggle stumble substantial succeed success successes successful sudden suitably sum sunshine superb sure surely surface surprise surprises surrounded sweet sweetness systematic tackle take taken takes talent talented talents tasks tasted tastes tell tender test than that that's the their them theme there these they thing things this those though thought thoughts three thrilling through time times to today tolerant tomorrow top touch toward towards traits transforming travel traveler traveling treasure treasures treat trip trouble troubles true truly truth try undertake unexpected unexpectedly untold unusual unusually up uplifting upon upwards urgency use uses usually vacation various vast versatility very vice victory virtue virtues visit volume voyage vulnerability want waters way ways wealth week welcome well well-liked what whatever when where wherever which whisper who whose wide will willing win winner winsome winter wisdom wise wisely wiser wisest wish wit with within without woman women wonderful words work world worry would write year yearning years yet yield you you'll you're you've your yours yourself youth 20 30 40

Subject "you"

you are
you believe
you can
you constantly
you display
you do
you find
you give
you go
you have
you hear
you know
you like
you long
you love
you may
you need
you never
you receive
you respect
you seek
you should
you show
you tell
you want
you will
you would

Object "you"

about you
accompany you
at you
awaits you
beckoning you
before you
between you
bring you
bypass you
flatter you
follow you
for you
has you
having you
helps you
involving you
join you
leads you
loves you
make you
of you
on you
prompts you
serve you
take you
to you
toward you
upon you


art and culture
competitive sports
fortunes for cats
getting started
good news
good things
my studio practice
qualities of mind
romantic attachments
what others say
Without "you"